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#M10 MAXSON ENERGIZER (1.0 Joule Power)

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#M10 MAXSON ENERGIZER (1.0 Joule Power)
#M10 MAXSON ENERGIZER (1.0 Joule Power) #M10 MAXSON ENERGIZER (1.0 Joule Power) #M10 MAXSON ENERGIZER (1.0 Joule Power) #M10 MAXSON ENERGIZER (1.0 Joule Power)

- MAXSON M10 = 1 Joule Power Output

- Brand From : Malaysia

- Warranty : 1 Year Except Lightning & Flood

- Output Power : 1.0 Joule

- Suitable for : 4 acres of land

- Source of Power Supply : AC/DC



- Can be used in mains, battery 12V or solar power applications.

- Anti-Dust Pulse Current Technology and longer battery lifetime.

- Ultra brights LED indicator for operation status.

- Easy-access Terminal and Mounting Bracket for Quick Connections and Installations.

- Come with mains and battery lead adaptor.


Product SKU: FNEF050-M10
Size (length*width*height): 25cm x 25cm x 10cm
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Price: RM599.00 RM499.00
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Maxson Energizer is the most important part in electric fencing system, which has helped our customer effectively avoid from animal enemy such as pig, fox, monkey, cow, and goat.

Electric fencing is the most effective way as compared to conventional chain link fencing.

It is also a low cost ideal in term of costing in fencing.

- 1 unit of Maxson Energizer

- 1 unit of AC/DC adaptor

- 1 unit of 12V Battery Clip

- 1 unit of installation guide booklet

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