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#116 MAXSON Digital Fence Tester

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#116 MAXSON Digital Fence Tester
#116 MAXSON Digital Fence Tester #116 MAXSON Digital Fence Tester

- To check the voltage generated by your energizer (excellent or poor) - Range between 1,000V and 12,000V

- To check the voltage on the battery (weak or strong) - Range between 6V and 19.9V

Product SKU: FNEF202-20
Size (length*width*height): 20cm x 12cm x 5cm
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Fence Voltage Testing Application Tips :

- The digital fence tester can measure from any position on the electric fencing system, and also can measure the output voltage directly from the electric fence energizer.

- The measurement range is between 1,000V and 12,000V.

- Voltage pulses over 12,000V are indicated with "HI"

- The tester works with a 9V Battery and switches itself on and off automatically.

- 1 unit of Digital Fence Tester

- 1 simple manual

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